Friday, 28 September 2012

Finding fractions from objetcs

My made up story

It was a sunny day in North  Carolina  when three boys named Kefu, Byron and Chris.
They were bored so they  decided to  go to the beach then they heard a boy calling for
help. The three boys looked for the little boy Kefu jump into water and grabbed the boy
but a shark came and tried to take them but Byron and Chris jump in to save them.

Byron and Chris  swam until they found them on the sand.  Byron side are they did on
they are not they are just unconscious slapping his face . Wake up wake up suddenly the
shark came back Chris and Byron was trying fihte it of but the sharks big teeth snapped.
Byron took a stick and started to whack the shark. `

Moonwalking PMI Chart

Monday, 17 September 2012

Tunnel Beach

Tunnel beach was from John Cargill who dug a hole for his kids to get to the other side to swim.
Then other people came to have a look inside.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Making Fraction

Punching Playdough

Today me and room  14 did a cool experience  playing with playdoh. We were cutting them into fractions. Then we had put them back into
a whole fraction.

Yesterday my maths group was showing that the same fractions can be cut into different parts .  Then today we got given playdough and cut them into equal parts. We then had to write about it and make a google drawing.

I hope that next time we can do it again.

Moon wallking

In this story I am talking about  Moonwalking  there are two brothers  that are visiting there
graded in tupo graded talc them to were craters are.

moonwalking part 2

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Gold medals from Kiwi athets

Cameron Leslie is a paralympic swimmer in the 150 metre individual medley. And  he jrwon a gold medal  with a disability   called missing limes  then other the race Cameron defended  his gold   medal.

Did you know that New Zealand  is coming   14th in the paralympics ? Then more medals came  with Philippa Gray and Laura Thompson  and won  gold in track cycling. They didn’t bet there reckoned.

Overall I like that New Zealand  is coming 14th. I think that Cameron will get more medals.

Spider Facts