Monday, 26 May 2014

Science Road Show

       Science Road Show

Yesterday me and class 1,3, and 4 went down to Tamaki college for a science road show. We went down at lunch time, when we got there we went in to the hall.As I walked in there were heaps of cool toys and expirments. When we were seated, The presenters showed us that if you mix Nitrogen  and Oxygen and shake them together and it makes blue.After the show, we got to test out same science experiments. There was one when you look into the camera and it shows all of people in the room. A. Other one is there is a room full of mirrors. The two most things I like about the roadshow was the walking piano and the night vision camera. What I learnt is that our lungs takes up to 1.5 oxygen.

Friday, 16 May 2014

My Holidays

Last holidays I had such fun because I went to places cool like Jump.Jump is a indoor trampoline theme park, I went with my friends and my uncle.At Jmup you can only book online, and you get sume socks to jump with there is a Free running area, Dodge ball Court, Foam pit and Jump fit.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Sound Experiment

Today class 5 had a go at playing sound games,I played the game called Making Sound.I learnt that the bigger the gap the lower the sound, and the shorter the gap the higher the pitch.  When change the pitch you have to match it as well.

Hare is the link to the game Making Music

Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekly DLO on Fractions By Kaka Beak

Class Fives Badminton Lesson


Today class 5 had the opportunity to go to Badminton in the hall. Our teacher was Robbie and he came to teach us how to play badminton. First thing we learnt is to hold the racket,the back hold was the first hold we learnt,and the second hold we learnt was the forehand.

After we learnt that we had a play with them and had a competition of who can do it the longest. My partner was not that good at serving but she is good at beating me. Robbie said that wait for the pad to come down then hit it.

At the end it was time to go, I had such fun that I can’t wait for the next lesson to come.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Term 2 Immersion assembly

This term it was the first day back to school, and the first thing I saw was that it  was someone's birthday. But it was just the new theme WE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT , as I walked in, all of the teachers were drest up in lots of costumes.

The first team was the team 1 they made a cool video about going to the zoo. And how it can keep the animals  and the people around its.

Oh and did I say our priceable Mr Burt was drest up in a colourful clown costume, he looked funny. After the team 1 were team 2, and they learnt about planes and what makes them fly.

Team 3 were up next, but out of nowhere balls came flying out from the perfects,when they were done  it was team 3  to take the stage team 3 talked about colours and how it moves.

Team 4  showed us a movie telling us more about what can float and what can sink. When the movie was done, they tested us about it, and they had prizes for the people that gets the answer right.

Last but not least were team 5 , team 5 are learning about sounds and what makes them. And different things the make sounds with things.