Thursday, 24 July 2014

AFL at Ptengland School


For the last 3 weeks class five has been going to AFL.  Did you know AFL means Australian Football League. Our tutors name is Tim ,Tim takes our lessons on Wednesday mornings.
We have learnt the drop punt, the handball, the chest mark, the high mark, knee mark, faces away from laces, ice cream scoop and how to point your toe where it needs to go. I like AFL because it can help me with my sports or if I decided to try AFL.  

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


For the last few weeks class 5 has been going to swimming at the pools down the road.On the first day I forgot my togs so I had to right lines the whole season. Our instructors name  was Jackie,did you know that swimming strengthens the heart and lungs and swimming works out all of the body’s major muscles.

Furture Aspirations

Today the whole of team five went into the street for a Future Aspiration talk. Andrew Paterson told us how he got into the radio business. Jason, Zona and Alfred have come to inspire what we want for a career when we grow up.  

Zona  was the best speaker because she told us what she did in primary and intermediate. One of the best things she said were five things that we could use in our lives, and the best one was .five strive to stay alive. She inspired me to  find what I’m good at and go for it, and don’t just  go with your friends and you might not like what they're into and you're just wasting your time.

The job that I want to do is be a engineer, i wanted this job because I like to build stuff and i'm pretty good at maths. Other job that I like was to be a boxer.