Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Explorers of the sunrise

Member of the same family who lived long ago

When someone g a car of a boat to the right path.

People who have a long trip.

A study of a human history

The line where the sea and the sky seem to meet

What is the article about?
The article is about 2 wakas going on a long voyage.

Where was the journey to?  Find a map online and draw the journey they took.
They went to Rarotonga,Moorea,Tahiti,Tubuai,Mangareva,Rapanui.

What did they use to navigate their way around?  What technology do we use now to help us navigate? They used the stars at  night and the sea during the day.

Math DLO for week 6

Colour wheel

If you are new to colours then this is the place to be, with me you are going to understand the Primary Colours,Secondary colours and Tertiary colours. The first colour that you will need is thePrimary colours, the primary colours are Yellow, Blue and Red.Primary Colours.png

Now for the Secondary colours, the secondary colors are Violet , Orange and Green.If you don’t know how to  make them, then I am going to show you how to make it. With Orange you need to mix Yellow and Red = Orange. To make Violet you will need to mix Red and Blue = Violet. Last be not least is Green to make Green you have to mix Blue and Yellow  = Green.Secondary colours.png

Tertiary colours are more harder to make, we are mixing Secondary colours and Primary colours together. You have to mix  
Yellow + Orange  YELLOW-ORANG
Blue + Violet = BLUE-VIOLET
Blue + Green = BLUE-GREEN
Yellow + Green = YELLOW-GREEN