Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First day back to school

The first day of school was cool because I met my new teacher Mr Wiesman, he is pretty cool because we play this game called silent ball. We met some new kids that came to our school and they are nice and cool, the senior block was some new teachers that are Mrs Peato,Mrs Clark,Mr Wiesman and Mrs Moala.

After morning tea we went in to the sreet to learn about the room points, once we were done we played another game of silent ball. Once we have won we came inside and work on our letter to him, then it was lunch. When it was over we came in and carryed on our writing.

My goals for this term

This term for my goals will be to finish all my work on time and to move a level up in maths because I don't really get measurement. Also one of the three goals is to get fit so can do the best I can be to make it in to the NRL in my dreams. The last goal for this term is to get to know my teacher and to interact with Mr Wiseman.