Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday the 7&8 block had the opportunity to attend the ASB 2015 Polyfest, and I am here to write what I really liked about poly. We went to ployfest because it was their 40th anniversary. What I like about Poly is that I learnt what Polyfest was about.

The one thing I like about the rotate's was that we learnt what 3d printer really make's at AUT, aut stands for Auckland University Of Technology. At aut you can make anything you want, you can even make spare parts for you're car without buying it. Over all Polyfest was fun.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mrs Tele'a's birthday

In this rainy morning there was a special time in the street today,why you ask? well it was the lovely Mrs Tele’a’s 40th today. We planned a dance for the birthday girl, we were all to make a circle around Mrs Tele’a while she is do her samoan dance.

It was time to do our performance, the boys grabbed their netbooks and snuck outside and try to fool the fellow students that did not know what was going on. Hannah snuck outside and turned the music that Mrs Tele’a has put for us.

As the music began we all leapt off the tables helling che-ho-ho and started to dance in a circle waiting for Mrs Tele’a to dance with us. You know what gets to me? is that you do not have to a samoan to do the dance. Everyone was unsure what was going on and too shy to dance with us.She pulled up her skirt thats shows her tattoo that is a malu which is a female tattoo.

Out of no where Miss Peato comes and dance’s with us, it was so funny because she was laying on the ground while Mrs Tele’a was jumping over her. Miss Peato was going the samoan dance with me,Semi,Takai,Moses and Uili. Me and Takai were have a bit of a laugh when Miss Peato was on the ground hahaha.

Over it was really cool to be into the dance because i’m Maori and I don’t real know how to dance like Samoan or Tongan. And you don’t have to be Tongan or Samoan, its just all about having a go and I did.

Polyfest 2015

Kia Ora, talofa lava, malo e lelei, fakaalofa lahi atu, kia orana, bula vinaka, namaste and greetings!!  It’s Pasifika week in Aotearoa, this means it’s a week long celebration of all things Pacific.  This includes the birthday dance we had with Mrs Tele’a!  Part of the celebration is the Polyfest!  This Thursday we are planning to travel to Manukau to take part in some workshops and then visit stages.  The two stages we will be visiting will be the Maori and Diversity stages.  Did you know that this event - the Polyfest celebrates 40 years since it’s beginning?  Awesome isn’t it!  

I think young men and women with their whanau take part in this event because they want to express their beautiful culture. And be proud of what their culture is and how cool it is to be in a Maori or Pacific Island.

To be in a group like this you will have to.
  • Audition
  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Training
  • Make costumes
  • Fundraising
  • Concert
  • Transport
  • Perform

This event is good because all the different cultures are performing their dances. And the all the cultures and make lots of friends and its a way of finding what more about what you culture is and what they perform. Its good to be different because there are lots of other culture groups there to have fun.

I am looking forward tomorrow because I want to see the Kapa Haka group they and all the other culture groups there too.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Holiday Highlights

Stay home
Play games

In the holidays it was fun because I just stay home or go out to the park and see my friends. And that i can just watch tv all day and play games on the xbox at my friends and aunts house. One more thing about staying home is that there is no work to be complete.

At my aunt's house me and my cousin's play on the xbox or go and play outside. The most games we play is Modern Warfare 3 or mw3 for short some other games we play is skate 3,gta5,black ops and more. If we have to play outside, we go and have a swim at the pools.

This christmas was the best because I got to have the meanest presents from my mum and to see all the family. This christmas was best because we had a pig on a spit and all kinds of nice food there too. And some of the family from Australia came home for christmas as well, it  was cool because  I haven't seen them in ages.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Recount writing

Christmas is a time where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, or for any kids its opening presents on christmas day. But for me its all about just seeing my family from Perth in Australia. About 2 weeks from day me and my mum went to go and pick up my aunty and cousin from the airport. They came but home because they wanted to spend the holiday with us.

Everyone was filled with happiness and love for them, we ended up going to heaps of new places at they have not been yet. We went to the movies, jump and to visit my koro that has past a long time ago. As it came closer and closer to christmas we all had to get ready for on the day , my mum even went and purchased a pig on a spit, and that meaning we had to go and buy some decorations  for the tree. Did you know that my aunt loves to decorate the tree? she did it all by herself because aunt loves to make it look beautiful.

Finally the day came, we had the spit going, we had everyone cooking our making more food for today but the one I really loved was my uncles famous susle chowder. He makes the meanest one man you have to try it, but it was a special day for me because I just hanged out with my cousin that I haven't seen for 3 years so It was good to catch up with her.

As the day continued we finally lunch, there was plenty on delouses food like pig,pork,fruit salad and lot’s more. I was really happy it was lunch because I was starving to death, after we had the karakia I plunged my self in and got heaps of food.When we were done there was still enough to feed us for the rest of the day.

Soon after we had our photos with nan and koro, it was cool to take photos with the family once again because it has been a long time since we have had our photo taken as a one hole family.

As the day came to an end, it was cool to spend my christmas holidays with family that I have not seen for 3 years.But I am going over to perth this year to spend my holds with my older sister and the rest of the family.