Monday, 17 August 2015

How to receive money.

Are you, complaining about not having enough pocket money? Well stop complaining now! because when you are finished reading this explanation you will work hard to get what you want. The purpose of this explanation is to tell us kids about being  financially responsible, and to appreciate all the hard work you did to earn the money you have.

One of safest and reliable ways of receiving income is the fact you have a job. Getting a job is the best way you can receive money because you know that you're getting paid for the hours you work. The best job is the one that suits you the most and what you are good at.

Loans are another way to receive money. You can get a loan if you need something like a car or house.After you have received your loan, you will have to pay back the amount you received. And if you want a loan there are some requirements for getting a loan. First you need a paying job, if you're just on the doll it is more likely you won't get a loan.

Busking or performing is another way to receive money. Busking is is an easy way to receive money fast. But it's all up to where you perform because there are some places that don't give you money and there are places that do.So be careful where you perform and busk.

In conclusion there are many ways in which you can receive money. However not all ways are reliable and regular.You need to think about the most reliable, honest and regular way to receive money. Keeping in mind that the money you receive will help you and your family.

20 Tala

This video is about what I would do with 20 dollars or 20 tala in Samoan.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Private vs Public

I have been learning about Smart Footprint. We have focused on private VS public information. I had to create  an ifographic (a image that shares information) of this learning 

An island in time

An Island in time is such an significant book to read. An island in time is a book on telling the story of the Island Matui Island then changed to Matui/Somes island.