Friday, 18 September 2015

Rugby Sevens

On Tuesday Pt England School sent our rugby team to Wesley Collage to play sevens. We had to get to school before 7:30. I found out that the principle of Wesley Collage lives in Pakuranga.As we were driving into the car park I saw there rugby fields and it was huge.

When we got into our changing rooms, we put on our boots and went out side to warm up. The first fifteenth of Wesley warmed us up to play. The other school there were Kegly,Papatoe,Pt Kegly and Pukekoe. They were all good teams and ready to play.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Stay cyber smart

Parapara Detectives

Today me and Ruapehu started a book called ‘Parapara Detectives’. This book is about detectives that find clues about brid’s that are dieing because of the parapara tree.The parapara tree are killing innocent birds that are flying around.

The detectives on day found a piwakawaka dead in a parapara tree. The next day they found another dead bird, a fantail stuck in the parapara tree.The piwakawaka was dead but the fantail was barely alive.